Rebuild Diary

20 March 2013: The new building is nearly complete, the old building is gone and the car-park is underway.


Drop-off shelter

Internal framing



10 December 2012:  The new building is progressing well and the roof is nearly finished.  The building has a large skylight running the length of the building which will provide heaps of natural light without direct sunlight.  The heating and ventilation system is being custom built in Christchurch and the equipment will be located in the space above the kitchen and offices.  There will be some storage space there too. There are two sets of sliding wall dividers allowing the playing area to be split into three separate spaces with good sound barriers.  There will be more space between tables than before. There is a stylish covered drop-off point at the front of the building where passengers can disembark without getting wet. The building is 5 meters from the rear boundary which means there is no wasted space.  The amount of car-parking space is the same as before but there will be slightly fewer car-parks due to CCC requirements for car park layouts.  Demolition of the old building will start in February.  The project, including car park, is scheduled for completion by the end of May.

6 November 2012: Framing is well under way and the building is expected to be closed in by Christmas.

Framing, Nov 6th

Internal Framing

Drop off shelter


20 October 2012: Main floor concrete has been poured.

Steel reinforcing Oct 18

Foundations, Oct 7

Foundations, 18 Sept

9 October: Foundation poured. Main floor to be poured on 18 October.

5 September 2012: We have signed a building contract with Hann Construction. The building has commenced, with the piling finished. We will confirm a planned completion date soon, but are expecting late March. All we need is some good weather and a good run with the tradesmen and we will be back home soon.

9 July 2012: The next stage of the rebuild is finally underway. The piling contractor has said they will be on site from 16 July to do the piling work. This is expected to take about one week or just over.

16 June 2012: The one problem that we had with an objection to our rebuild now appears to be sorted. We are expecting the final piece of paper from the Council within the week. We have as a result ordered the piles. We would hope these to be driven mid to late July with building work commencing about the end of July. We will update this page when we have more details and dates. It is likely that progress will be good from this point forwards, weather dependent for a while.

May 21st: In the process of getting consents from the Council. Will report as soon as more information comes available.

Updated 1 April 2012. This page is dedicated to the club rebuild project. I will attempt to keep you up to date with developments and provide answers to the main questions that I hear.

Some new photos: We have carried out test piling. Four concrete piles have been banged in to confirm the land will take the piles, hit some solid stuff and finalise the length of pile we need for the rest of the piles.


Site North

1. Building Consent. The building consent is with the Council and we hope to hear within a couple of weeks that we have a building consent and can start.

2. Building Design. Through the various Council processes there are some minor changes to the building, which should more closely align with member wishes. More details to follow. We are in the final stages of the interior design, looking at the exact layout of the bar and kitchen areas in particular.


3. Appointment of Builder. We would like to confirm appointment of a builder soon, once the design is finalised and costed. Once we have a building consent the builder can get insurance.

4. Budget. Preliminary pricing shows the cost of the building, including piling, extra strength foundations, building and carpark refurbishment will exceed the money from insurance, by a manageable amount. Some fundraising is going to be needed.

5. Insurance. We have an indemnity policy, which means a fixed price payout. The amount is not inflation adjusted, so as time goes on the buying power of the money decreases. There are additional costs with piling, carpark refurbishment and demolition which will mean we will need to spend more than the payout. The insurance company have made an undertaking to pay for the cost of the rebuild, as it proceeds, up to the capped value. Insurance during the building period will be the responsibility of the builder. Insurance after the build is complete is uncertain. Insurance companies are not making forward promises about earthquake cover to anyone. We can expect to get fire and general insurance.

The concept plans:

Floor plan 14122011

Elevation of new building front

Some other points:

1. The new building floor area is the same as at Nova Place is now. We have arranged it to remove some wasted space within the building and make the playing area larger.

2. The ceiling height in the playing areas starts at 3 m and rises to 4.8 m in the middle. The upper walls and the ceiling are to be lined with special noise-absorbing material. The current Nova Place ceiling is 3.2 m at the maximum. This will make the new building feel very spacious and reduce noise to a minimum.

3. We will reuse as much as we reasonably can from the old building. The carpet, trophy cabinet, dishwashers, library cabinet and of course the tables and chairs will be used.

4. The new building is designed to withstand all the earthquakes Christchurch has suffered over the last 16 months. The design of the piles and the building have to be approved by registered structural engineers as part of the consent process.

5. The new building will have a very high level of insulation. There will be a completely new air conditioning system installed. In combination these two factors will give us the best heating, cooling and ventilating we have ever had.

6. The proposed building is a very simple design, very strong and relatively cheap to build. This is important as we are on a fixed budget. We hope we can build the new building with the money we have. There are additional costs then to remove the old building and to develop the car park. We expect to need to raise funds, from charities in particular, to cover the shortfall. We may carry a mortgage at the completion of the project. By mid April 2012, I hope to have exact figures and be able to provide an accurate budget.

John Skipper