Grading Guidelines

Promotion through the club grades is based strictly on performance during the year, and regrading normally takes place shortly after the conclusion of the Pairs Championships for each night.  The numbers to be regraded are set by the Club Committee, bearing in mind the size and standard of each grade, and are taken from an ordered list drawn up by the Grading Committee, as follows.


1. The highest 18 scores achieved during the Pairs and the first two Ladders will count. (Three night matches will not be included.)  Scores with partners who are registered in a higher grade, or with guests, will not count.


2. To be promoted to the next grade, a member should achieve an average of 55% to be regraded from Junior to Intermediate and from Intermediate to Senior Reserve, and an average of 56% from Senior Reserve to Senior. This percentage may vary each year at the discretion of the committee.


3. Under special circumstances members unable to play on the nights on which they are graded may apply to the Grading Committee, to have the scores recorded on other playing nights for promotion purposes.


4. Where two (or more) graded nights are available, members may play one or both nights. All scores from one or more nights will be considered for grading.  An adjustment may be made to scores from one night to ensure that players are not advantaged/disadvantaged by the nights they choose to play.