Christmas Bridge, 2017-8


Christmas Starts with Lots of Parties

and Prize-Giving!

Friday Lunch: 8th December
Monday Afternoon: 11th December
Monday Night: 11th December
Tuesday Night: 12th December
Wednesday Night: 13th December
Thursday Night: 14th December


Don’t be Bored These Holidays

Lots of Bridge on

All sessions are open, however if there are enough people from the lower grades there will be a separate section.




Friday 15th December 10.20am
Monday 18th December 1pm & 7:20pm
Tuesday 19th December 7:20pm
Wednesday 20th December 7:20pm
Thursday 21st December 7:20pm
Friday 22nd December 10:20am (not pm!)
Thursday 28th December 7:20pm
Friday 29th December 10:20am

Canterbury Holiday Pairs (5A) (Maxwell Plumbing)  January 4, 9 & 11th
Club Intermediate & Junior Tournament   January 4, 9 & 11th
Normal sessions resume from January 5th.