Wednesday Tutorials 2017

These are held on the first full-Week Wednesday of each month, February through November, 6 -7 pm. The cost is $5-00.  Topics are as follows.

Feb 8th: Play techniques – some essential declarer play skills for beginners
March 8th: NT Play – what to do when dummy shows!
April 5th: Suit Play – Should I draw trumps?
May 3rd: Minimum/Invit/Forcing Rebids by Opener – how to show your strength
June 7th: Responder’s 2nd Bid – do you want to force or invite a game?
July 5th: Leads, Discards and signals – Defence is so important
August 9th: Doubles – the most underused bid by beginners, so learn how to double for paticular situations
September 6th: Slam Bidding – When should you look for a slam?
October 4th: Stayman – Find a Major fit rather than a NT contract
November 8th: Transfers – Show a 5-card Major, then describe your strength

Seminars 2017

for the more advanced.
Summer Seminar:     Sunday 12th March
Autumn Seminar:      Sunday 7th May
Winter Seminar:        Sunday 9th July
       Topic: Slam bidding: including the best methods, methods to avoid, and lots of examples.
Spring Seminar:        Sunday 10th September