Around the Club

25 April, 2017 : Anniversary Pairs: Congratulations to all the winners:

Carol & Nicola

Handicap results:
1st Nicola Gourlay & Carol Clendon
2nd Diane Ladd & Darryl Jones
3rd Robyn Findlay & Pauline de Vere
4th Kate Carnaby & Garth Carnaby
5th Chris Roper & Sharon Sjeie
6th Catherine Lods & Jan Thayer
7th Val Hobbs & Ken Harper
8th Suzanne Richards & Joan Archer

Jenny & Shirley

Scratch results:
1st Jenny Wilkinson & Shirley Newton
2nd David Skipper & Max Morrison
3rd Nicola Gourlay & Carol Clendon
4th Priscilla Bloy & Naomi Hannah-Brown
5th Eamon Jackson & Sharon Jackson
6th Lyn Mould & Erica Tie
7th Jenny Carr & Kees de Vocht
8th June Jung & Michael Buck

2 October, 2015 : 2015 Promotions: can be downloaded here; Congratulations to all.

6 April, 2015 : New Grandmasters: Congratulations to David Skipper and Richard Lapthorne, the clubs newest Grandmasters.

26 March, 2015 : New Life Member: Congratulations to Bev Barlow, and thanks for the years of service.

26 March, 2015 : 50+ Year Badges: Congratulations to John Wignall, Bev Barlow, Pru Brackley and Leonie Cater.