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This Week:

  • 2018 programme book & subscriptions notices: can now be picked up from the club. They are located between the kitchen & the bar.
  • Session Convenor Elections: will be held the week starting the 27th November. If you are interested in standing please see the notice on the whiteboard in the foyer. (Extra benefit - car park.)
  • Silent Auction for 46” tv: ex club, see white board in foyer for more details.

Coming Events:

Tournament Players: when entering tournaments can you please enter all the information required ie, Name, NZ Bridge number & rating points. This information can be found in the black folder on the big table beside the dealing room.

  • Nov 18th: Timaru Same Sex & Mixed Pairs
  • Dec 3rd: Canterbury Charity Pairs (Crockfords)


  • Bridge Rules Updated from 1 August: Some small but possibly significant changes to how we play Bridge are about to come into effect. Check out the details in a summary available at the Club, or in the July Newsletter.
  • NZBridge Website updates: Some notes of the recent (and some future) updates to the NZBridge website are available: download here.
  • Changes to System Cards from 28 February 2015: From 28 February it became compulsory for ALL tournament players to carry the new NZB System Card (see page D35 of the 2013 NZB Manual) with the outer two pages fully completed (for 10-25 A-point Events the inside pages must be fully completed as well). Bulletin.
  • Directors’ Platform is out of bounds: If you are not a director, please use the front of the counter.
  • NZ Bridge Magazine is digital – and free: If you haven't already, Subscribe now by submitting your email address.
  • Changes to System Cards from 1 September 2013: NZ Bridge System Card Policy; download the new NZ Bridge System Card (2013) Hint: To be able to save your filled-out pdf card so that you can make future changes, you need Acrobat Reader XI.
  • Announcing 1C and Natural 1NT openings: Amendment to the Alerting Regulations
  • Partner required?: If you are looking for a partner, remember to inform the office as there are a number of members looking for a partner. You can also use the online partner finder (under the Playing Bridge menu)
  • Club Noticeboard: Please keep updated with upcoming events and news at the club on the noticeboard.
  • Mobile Phones: Please have them switched off or to silent when a session is in play.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures:

During the year, trial evacuations are required. Please take note of what this entails:

  • The director is the head warden and will initiate the evacuation.
  • You will be asked to leave by the nearest exit, move quickly but do not run. Please take note where your nearest exit is. (Hint: in a trial evacuation, also note what table you are at, so that you can resume play promptly after the all clear.)
  • Players with disabled partners will be asked to assist them safely out of the building.
  • Report to the designated assembly area in the car park by the outdoor area. The area in front of the clubrooms and the street must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Do not return to the building until the all clear has been given.
  • Do not get into cars and drive home. (Stay and enjoy the show! Photos for the website appreciated.)
  • It is important all occupants are evacuated all in one go. Once an occupant has left the building there is NO re-entry into the building to assist others to evacuate.

Housekeeping (at end of play):

  • Return Bidding pads, pens etc to containers.
  • Leave table numbers, boards & bridgepads on tables so they can be collected in order. Bridgepads should be set back at the welcome screen.
  • Place all rubbish in bins and push your chairs back under the tables.
  • All cups, glasses & coasters return back to the bar/kitchen.