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This Week:

  • Rubber Bridge Competition: see noticeboard for more details and a summary of what Rubber Bridge is.
  • AGM: The AGM for the Christchurch Bridge Club will be held at the club on Thursday, March 15th, at 6.30pm.
    Nominations are now being taken, see the whiteboard in the foyer for nominations forms.
  • South Island Teams: will be held here on the 10/11 February. We are looking for volunteers to help over the weekend. See foyer noticeboard for more details.
    Also, we are looking for billets to take players, having one request for a couple wanting a bed. Please add your name to the volunteer list if you can help.
  • Sunday Bridge: is now being held here every Sunday, starting at 1pm. No partner required.
  • Beginner Lessons: start on Wednesday 7th February, please mention to your friends, family, work colleagues. There are some cards by the white noticeboard in the foyer to give out.
  • Back to Bridge Refresher Course: also starts on Wednesday 7th Feb for players who haven’t played for a while.
  • Scorer and BridgeTab Results: Occasionally there will be a difference in the results posted for Scorer and BridgeTab. The Scorer results are the authoritative ones. To find out why the differences occur, see the noticeboard in the foyer.

Coming Events:

Tournament Players: when entering tournaments can you please enter all the information required ie, Name, NZ Bridge number & rating points. This information can be found in the black folder on the big table beside the dealing room.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures:

During the year, trial evacuations are required. Please take note of what this entails:

  • The director is the head warden and will initiate the evacuation.
  • You will be asked to leave by the nearest exit, move quickly but do not run. Please take note where your nearest exit is. (Hint: in a trial evacuation, also note what table you are at, so that you can resume play promptly after the all clear.)
  • Players with disabled partners will be asked to assist them safely out of the building.
  • Report to the designated assembly area in the car park by the outdoor area. The area in front of the clubrooms and the street must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Do not return to the building until the all clear has been given.
  • Do not get into cars and drive home. (Stay and enjoy the show! Photos for the website appreciated.)
  • It is important all occupants are evacuated all in one go. Once an occupant has left the building there is NO re-entry into the building to assist others to evacuate.

Housekeeping (at end of play):

  • Return Bidding pads, pens etc to containers.
  • Leave table numbers, boards & bridgepads on tables so they can be collected in order. Bridgepads should be set back at the welcome screen.
  • Place all rubbish in bins and push your chairs back under the tables.
  • All cups, glasses & coasters return back to the bar/kitchen.