Rubber Bridge

Rubber Bridge is a wonderful fun alternative to duplicate bridge and anyone can win if you are lucky and get good cards. You may enjoy a quiet game at home with family or friends, or you may challenge yourself with a national knockout competition culminating in finals at the NZ Bridge Congress in Hamilton. We encourage as many members as possible to take part and have a go. The rewards are worth it!


Rules, Tactics and Scoring


CRC Rubber Rules, Tactics and Scoring for Players

New Rubber rules and regulations as at April 2015

Score Sheets  –Cumulative, Individual rubber


National Competition


The local region of the competition is run by the Canterbury Regional Bridge Committee and WE WANT YOU!


Never played Rubber Bridge before? It doesn’t matter!Rubber Bridge is a fun alternative to duplicate bridge. Success is not dependent on whether you are a junior or a senior, inexperienced or experienced. Being lucky and getting good cards is what really counts! It is fun and social too.


The winners of the Canterbury region get to go the Hamilton Congress in September to play in the national final where the winning players receive $1000 in prize money.


If you win you will get subsided airfares to Hamilton. Stay and play Congress too! Pick your partner and be in to win.


Rubber Bridge guidelines, scoring and rules are all available from your club ( and the links above); all you need is two packs of cards and some opposition! You can play at the club or in your own home, just follow the draw.


Entry fee is $7 per person and covers all matches played.Please make entries online at the Canterbury Regional website or to your local club. The draw will be sent out following the close of entries (1st March) with matches played between February and July 2018.


Download the 2018 FLYER