The New Zealand Bridge Manual is available on the website of the New Zealand Contract Bridge Association.

At Christchurch Bridge Club:

All competitions are for club members only. Scores with partners who are non-members do not count.

For all graded sessions: Pairs, Teams and Butler, any substitutes must be in the same grade or from a lower grade. The purpose of substitution is to allow someone to take the place of a member who is unable to attend a session.  Hence substitution will not be allowed for any session in which the substituted member is playing with a different partner.

Notifying the Director of a Substitution: Players must indicate on the table slip, before play, that they are playing as a substitute and that they wish the score to count.

Qualifying Criteria: Unless specified elsewhere, the following table shall apply to all competitions except Monday Afternoon and Friday Daytime.


Pairs Events:

3-5 night competitions: 1 substitute per partnership. All scores count.
6 night competitions: 2 substitutes per partnership. Best 5 scores count.
9 night competitions: 2 substitutes per partnership. Best 8 scores count.
15 night competitions: 3 substitutes per partnership. Best 12 scores count.



a) Senior championship pairs will be played with a 12-week competition, (best 9 scores to count, 1 substitution allowed). This will be a graded competition competing for the Championship Cup, 1st & 2ndPlate.

b) All other grades will be played in a match of 15 nights (Best 12 scores to count).

c) Boards will be duplicated whenever more than one section is played at the same level. Scoring will be across the sections in each event.

d) All sections will be seeded and players are to abide by the seeding arrangements. Any special seating requirements should be given to the secretary/manager.



These are 5/6 night competitions. To win the second ladder competition for the year, players must play with a different partner from the first ladder.

Rubber Ladder Competition:

Players from all grades are eligible to play in this competition. Entries will be called for in February and competition will start in March and finish at the end of November. Challenges can be played at a mutually agreed time. Rules of the competition will be posted on the notice board.



Match Point Ladder: In determining the overall winner of the Match Point Ladder only the first three scores with any one partner will count. Up to three of the total number of sessions in the event may be missed and the players still qualify. Two complimentary table fee tickets will be given to winners of each Match Point Ladder. It is possible for one player to be an individual winner of a three/four night round, if he/she has played with more than one partner.

Restricted Pairs: Players must play each of the three nights with a different partner to be eligible.

Mentoring Pairs: More experienced players are encouraged to play with less experienced players.


Unless specified otherwise, all teams events are limited to teams of four, with substitutions allowed.

a)    Other than “Back to the Future” teams, all matches will be scored in IMPs converted to Victory Points.   The format of each competition may vary depending on entries.

b)    Once entered in a round-robin teams event, the team will be responsible for ensuring substitutes are arranged for any night that part of the team will not be available, otherwise the team will not be eligible. For Swiss teams, this does not apply.

c) Restricted Teams requires the team members to play with each of the members of the team. Three matches are to be played each night of the event and partnerships to change for each match.

d) Multiple Teams: This is an event where there are sections of 7 or 9 depending on entries and the E/W pairs move the boards forward one table and themselves forward two tables like a Mitchell movement (playing all the other teams but their own). The results are scored as IMPs. The winner will be the team with the most IMPs after the three nights. This event is computer scored.

e) Senior/Junior Teams: This will involve a Senior or Senior Reserve player joining with three Juniors and playing a match with each of the Juniors per night. This is hoped to be both a social and a learning event.

f) Senior/Senior Reserve Teams: This requires a maximum of one Senior pair per team and is aimed at mixing the grades.

g) Back to the Future Teams

Entries taken as  teams of four, the event to be limited to three rounds. Play will be as pairs and the combined pair score will be credited to the team. Players are to swap partners after each round. A pair will not play against their own team-mates.



Once entered in a Butler event it is the responsibility of the pair to ensure they can play or arrange substitutes.

a) Mitchell Movement Butler Pairs: This is scored as IMPs but has a normal Mitchell movement with 2/3 boards per table (computer scored).

b) Round Robin Events: These are played like a teams event with 2/3 matches per night depending on entries. Each pair compares their results against a datum to determine the score. These events will be limited to an even number of pairs.



Members may play on the following nights and receive C Points:

Senior: Tuesday, Thursday

Senior Reserve: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Intermediate: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Junior: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Open: Monday Afternoon, Friday, and Saturday

Players must play in their own grade or a higher grade only.