Seminars and More

Wednesday Tutorials

These are held on the first Wednesday of each month, February through November, 6 – 7 pm. The cost is $5.

  • March: Card Play in NT contracts – hold up in opponents suit, which suit to tackle?
  • April: Card Play in suit conracts – how to get the best from dummy’s trumps
  • May: Minimum, Invitational and Forcing bids – how opener and responder show their strength
  • June: All About Doubles – takeout, negative, balancing or penalties!
  • July: Leads, Signals and Discards – essential elements of defence
  • August: 2nd and 3rd-hand Play – how to get the most oout of your defensive cards
  • September: Competing over Opponent’s 1NT Opener – don’t let them have it too easy!
  • October: Coping with Interference over our 1NT – what is competitive or forcing
  • November: Question and Answer session – bring any query to discuss


For the more advanced players, seminars will be held on:

  • Summer Seminar:     Sunday, March 11
    “All About No Trumps” – click to view flyer
  • Autumn Seminar:     Sunday, May 7
  • Winter Seminar:     Sunday, July 9
  • Spring Seminar:     Sunday, September 10

Topics will be announced later.

Nesting Pairs Course

A course of 7 sessions, each comprising a You Tube seminar followed by practice boards.

Its primary aim is to encourage forming of partnerships and increase enjoyment of the game by exciting the students into learning some new techniques. It is aimed primarily at intermediates but it is also of interest to the newer/less experienced open player and keen juniors who have a strong grasp of the basics. It is not suitable for novice players.

Introductory Overview
Course Programme