Systems and Conventions

The following is a list of systems and conventions agreed by your Committee as suitable for the various grade nights’ play. While the list is not exhaustive, the onus is on the pairs playing differently to be forthcoming with information about their methods.  Pairs wishing to play systems and conventions markedly different to those stated must seek the approval of the club Committee.


The intention is to protect the lower graded players from all but the simplest conventions while allowing increasing freedom in the higher grades.   This list is based on current club practice and is designed to reflect the ability of players to cope at each level. No player should be allowed to gain an advantage by using methods too complex for the average grade player and the director will refer to this list when deciding if a pair has been disadvantaged should a dispute arise.



Bidding should be as natural as possible with Acol as the recommended system.  The Stayman and Blackwood conventions enhance natural bidding and are allowed.



As above, but also weak twos, transfers, doubles (all kinds), weak and intermediate jump overcalls, Michaels cue bids and splinters.



As above, but also multi-coloured 2D, Bergen raises (or similar) and any defence to an opening 1NT.



Any recognised system or convention is allowed with the one exception, HUMs (Highly Unusual Methods). When at least 8 board matches are played in team events then no restriction applies.